Tribute to Kadalak Jones | @DaRealKadalak @KadoBarlatier @AceGnius @TaviaP_Shoes @JJonesCC

Live...Breathe...Love...Hip Hop 
would like to send our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Kadalak Jones. 

I met Kadalak back in September when Kado Barlatier was doing his press run for his album, “Alive At a Wake” during my weekly radio show.

As powerful as Kadalak’s voice was, his presence and positivity was even greater.

After hearing the news of his passing I went back and played “Alive At a Wake” on repeat in memory of Kadalak but it wasn’t until today that something hit me and gave me chills, after talking to Kado’s manager, Ace.

On the record “We Made It”, both Alabama Jones and Kadalak are featured and Alabama sings the now eerily prophetic line; 

“I lost my partner before we got it started but my n****, we made it”. 

Anyone following Kado knows that the momentum is building and now the team has an angel on their side.

R.I.P Kadalak Jones


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