@DStaraOfficial | Watch out America; Dominika Stara has arrived!!

Sometimes Live...Breathe...Love...Hip Hop has to step outside of our box when we find an artist that the world needs to know about.

Dominika Stara is exactly that artist.

Originally born in Czechoslovakia, Dominika quickly became known for her voice at a very young age after winning every local competition that came her way.

In 2009, at the age of 16, Dominika made history in her home country by finishing in 3rd place on "Czechoslovakian Superstar", their equivalent to "American Idol", which was the highest finish by a woman competitor.

Shortly after the competition, Dominika signed with Ray Pouncey Sr. and Poncini Entertainment and the rest is history. 

Fast Forward to 2018, after years of leg work and finishing her schooling with an MBA; Dominika is ready to breakout and take over.

Her latest release "Keep It Coming" has already taken off overseas and is now seeping onto the US airwaves.

Don't say I didn't warn you about Dominika Stara!


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