Dame Grease Is Your Favorite MCs Go To Guy !! | @DameGrease

There's not too many producers that have had the ability to to stand the test of time without living solely off past accomplishments but Harlem legend, Dame Grease, has not only lasted, he has continued to keep his name on major credits while still developing his young and ambitious new comers. 

In 2016, Dame took on a huge task by going for a Guinness Book World Record for most records produced and released in a year and naturally his name began to pop up everywhere as he would hit us with a smaller joint and then a major, vaulted one to remind us all who and what Dame has created musically. The biggest release was "Silver Surfer" with Wiz Khalifa, Max B, Alpac and Joe Young.

As the new year rolled in we heard Dame on The Lox latest release and we also had the pleasure of getting an album from German emcee and Wu Tang signee, Joe Young, entirely produced by Dame, "Invincible Armour". 

When you think about his track record and the classics he has produced from , "We'll Always Love Big Poppa" to crafting DMX's debut musically to creating the Wave with Max B, not too many can match Dame, let alone the records in the Vacant Lot Vaults:

No one could have expected what was up Dame's sleeve for 2017 and he is out to prove some points. Although we are barely half way through the year, Dame already has massive tunes under his belt, 

 Termanology's lead single, "It's Quiet", "Watch The Wave" with Joe Young, Term and Styles P, "SKWIL" with Big Moeses and 50 Cent, "Vibes" with Tone Trump, "M.N" with Raekwon and Pure, 3 records on Vado's latest release "Sinatra 2" and the most recent smash, "Eviction" with Dave East, Method Man, Max B, Joe Young and Hanz On.

However, with all the major placements happening, the focus remains on developing the new talent and Dame has a few potential stars on his hands including E-Moe and C Jenkz, who dropped their new project, "Summer Vibes" today!!!


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