@Bouboulena | Bouboulena - Savage (Video)

Rapper and producer living in the Lower East Side section of NYC for the past 5 years, Bouboulena is arguably the newest sensation to launch in the Big Apple.

"I feel I am a warrior, a modern day one and my battle is to empower others to be who they are."

Symbolism and irony runs deep her in music and Bouboulena is candid in all aspects exemplifying authenticity at all costs

"I know I am in the Right place and Doing the right thing by looking at the signs. I connect the dots and nothing has made more sense right now in my whole life.  "

A fusion on dance and rap, East Side featured production by Mike Top Notch on her single Strip club in my house" which features C Class as well as Jimmy Song on "PB & The Beat.

In need of fun and fantasy "east side" is the album for your!!


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