@Soi_Duka | SOI Duka is about to "AwaKKKe the CritiXXX" (Artist Spotlight)

Texas has always been a State in Hip Hop that has always had big voices that aren't afraid to speak on real, day to day, life situations that effect every inner city throughout the country.

Marlin, Texas is the home to one of the new voices that isn't afraid to speak of injustices and the tribulations of our neighborhoods.

S.O.I Duka is an emcee that is using his platform to truly spark conversation and affect change. Duka recently dropped his newest album "AwaKKKe the CritiXXX" and it is filled with content and messages that we are missing.

Although the content does tackle a lot of pressing issues right now, Duka also calls on the people of our communities to do more and do better. 

Besides being one of the rising voices in Texas, S.O.I Duka also does his part in the community with the kids. Last year before school started, Duka was part of a group that sent over 250 kids back to school with new book bags and all the necessary tools for a new school year.

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