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The Full Court Press

Name: Showcase 

Company: H3 Entertainment

Title: Founder & Director Of Operations

Contact Information:


Location: Chicago

First job/placement in the industry was:
I Interned For A Few Promo Companies On The Campus Of NIU Which Helped Me Get My Start.

Favorite project you have worked on is:
I've Had The Pleasure To Be Apart Or Lend My Expertise To A Few Important Projects, But My Favorite Thus Far Has Been The Hypno Carlito Never Say Never Tour.

Most challenging aspect of your role is:
"Balance". Trying To Juggle The Personal Life's Of All My Employees, Clients And Even Myself At Times Is The Biggest Challenge So Far.

Most common mistake you see up and coming artists make is:
Would Honestly Have To Say Not Approaching Their Craft Serious From The Jump Start, Or Being Motivated By All The Wrong Smoke & Mirror Things The Industry Offers.

Do CD's matter anymore?
I Believe They Do. I Think Consumers Still Want Something Tangible To Have In Their Possession.

How important is merchandise in your opinion?
It Runs The Industry Now. The Ability To Put Your Brand On Certain Items And Have The General Public Actually Take To It And Purchase Merch Shows Your On To Something.

At what point does an independent/local artist deserve to be paid to perform?
When They Actually Have A Demand, That's Simple. No Fans, No Cash.

Who inspires you in your own field ?
I Look Up To A Lot Of Executives Either Current Or Past, But Right Now I'm Just Focusing On Myself And What We've Done That's Working.

How important are mid-level blogs/sites to the career of an indy artist?
Exposure Is Exposure. So Many Make Music That's Going Unnoticed Or Heard, That Its A Blessing To Have Any Type Of Coverage If Your An Artist, Especially A New One.

How important is internet based radio?
Once Again It Goes Back To Someone Caring Enough About Your Craft To Play Your Music, Its Humbling And Very Important In Establishing A Network.

You get picked to executive produce 2 albums, one all time and one current. You get one emcee, one singer and one producer. What 2 albums are you presenting?
This Is A Tough One, I'm Not Sure But I Can Say It'd All Be Chicago Based People, Of Course, LOL.

Most effective for artists; Twitter, IG or Facebook?
Social Media Is Key They All Offer Different Important Platforms. The Key Is Using Them To Your Advantage So Either One Can Be Effective.

Your dream client is:
I Would Say Any Of The Old Motown Acts, Just That Time In The Industry I Would Love To Be A Part Of.

Your short term goal is:
Just To Live & Be Happy, Seems Vague But Not To Many People Get To Enjoy The Simple Things Life Offers.

3 best pieces of advice for up and coming artists is:
Be A "Humble, Hungry, Hustler".

What projects are on the horizon that you are involved in?
I'm Currently Putting Together Tours For Multiple Established Artists And Prepping My A3C Festival Event.

Any shout outs?
Just To Anybody Reading This, Keep Dreaming!


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