Mr. So Boston-Boston Crabs EP (Exclusive Review)

I remember, maybe 10 years ago, listening to the “Dundale Boyz” mixtape and thinking this movement could take over Boston. Fast forward to today when I got the exclusive listen to the new EP and its clear, Mr. So Boston is poised to take over for real.

A lot of people, insiders included, will tell you that Boston doesn't have it's own sound and to those people, I say, check OUR history. The emcees who make it out of Boston all share one element, The Struggle. And THAT is our sound.

Mr. So Boston takes us down many alleys and back roads on his journey that is, Boston Crabs. “The Intro” is exactly what we need right now. “This is a Gs tale but first I gotta be real/ I don't want my young thugs dressing like a female/ you ain't gotta shoot shit but fuck all of that cute shit/”. “This For Everybody” is that grimy, east coast, guitar ridden, motivational music with a New Orleans heavyweight that brings this record down south and stretches the appeal. The next stretch of record are solely, Mr. So Boston. “Can’t Complain” is another motivational record. We all go through the struggle but someone always is worse off. “They Don’t Know” brought me back to the Hangmen3 era. I could hear Mann Terror and Tangg both on this record. “First They Love You” has one of the meanest horn samples that ride over the deep guitar riff that hooks you once it connects. “You know I'm back on my job boy, came a long way I used to rob boys/ Now I'm like fuck it, I'll work for that, try and rob me and get murked for that”.

“Fake Love” is a smash, possibly my favorite record off of the EP. It's relatable and something we can live by. Save that fake love for fake people. “I put too much trust in these n*ggas, I put too much trust in these bitches and not enough trust in myself until it started fucking with my health”. The EP wraps up with “Bout That Life” featuring Ricky Gramz and Ashy Knuxx. This is that ride out music, with three of the elite emcees from the Bean. Ricky and Knuxx assist perfectly. “I run with the goons and goblins, catch him in a deep sleep in his room and rob him/ Dog I got 3 baby mothers, you really think you a problem”. Say no more!!!

Overall this is a solid EP and a wonderful reintroduction to Mr. So Boston. No radio hits, no watered down bs. The production is top notch, the mix is clear and the streets have a major problem on our hands when this releases.


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